Fixing the broken world of work through Focus The Strategy + Culture Consultancy. Ex Marketing & Growth Leader. Ex Crowdfunding business leader.

  • The metaverse is about identity and local device level contextual interface. It’s a fully digital verse. It’s not input with keyboard, mouse; it’s more gesture, speech and interactions.
  • The metaverse is about connection and presence. …

The future of business is going to be culture first.

Some of the important elements of what makes businesses and people tick

1/ Hybrid 🏡 🏣 🤳

  • Work from anywhere will be the default, not just the office, co-working & hired spaces & home.
  • No more Blursdays — not all days will look and feel…

What Is Fixing The Broken World Of Work?

  • A leadership coach training management teams to become leaders
  • A consultant helping to…
The Brand Book 2021

The 2020 Challenge

Danny Denhard

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