Fixing The Broken World Of Work Podcast

Danny Denhard
3 min readAug 4, 2021

What Is Fixing The Broken World Of Work?

The fixing the broken world of work podcast is a brand new limited podcast series designed to help people improve work not just for themselves but for the teams and for the companies.

The podcasts range from:

  • A leadership coach training management teams to become leaders
  • A consultant helping to shape business leaders around wellbeing and mental framing
  • A Head Of Company Culture who guided his agency to a world class NPS score of 96
  • An innovation leader who’s worked with the world’s largest FMCG brands, injecting joy back into work
  • A CEO of a software company who is redefining goal setting and how OKR’s are shaping businesses.

Why Now?

We are embarking on the hybrid return to the office, we are all working out what it means and how everyone is tackling what work is going mean very differently.

Alongside this many teams and employees are unhappy and a huge amount are close to exhaustion and burn out.

It’s time to fix these broken parts of work. A podcast and supporting materials will help any leader, department lead or exec team make positive change.

There are many resources on what other people say, what research suggests and what execs rolled out pre-pandemic, however, this podcast is designed to improve the ways of working, enhancing how we are going to improve company culture, redefine leadership and leaders conditioning and introduce real and rigorous mental wellness and wellbeing plans.

We also dive into software helping to make the right decisions and why back to backs are a trade many are making to look like they are “working” when really they are sitting in meetings hiding.

Why Is This Podcast Different?

This series a podcast drop, meaning you do not have to wait for the podcast to release each week.

You can binge episodes back to back, alternatively you can take your time and really digest the insights and recommendations given by the brilliant guests.

It’s important to note, each hand picked guest is living “fixing the broken world of work” right now, they have and are leading through the crisis and are actively helping to shape businesses of sizes, from startups to massive conglomerates address issues and build for a better future.

Who Is On The Podcast?

Sharon Aneja

Jo Twisleton

Andy Reid

Matt Roberts

Luke Kyte

Why Listen Now?

It is time to make the change your company deserves.

If you would like to improve company culture, improve your team’s happiness, develop joy throughout your organisation or you are looking to understand the power of mental wellbeing and positive psychology, grab your headphones and notepad and make work, work!

Want to listen? The podcast is on every major app including Apple

and Spotify

Happily let me know what you think by mentioning me on twitter Danny Denhard

Thanks for listening and enjoy fixing your broken world of work bit by bit!

Danny Denhard



Danny Denhard

Fixing the broken world of work through Focus The Strategy + Culture Consultancy. Ex Marketing & Growth Leader. Ex Crowdfunding business leader.