Giphy Inside of Facebook

A few snapshots into GIPHY joining Facebook & Instagram team.

Story Link: Facebook acquires Giphy.

Sticks to Giphy message of ‘adding more emotion to communication’ and what better place to do it on the largest and most popular global platform.

Joining the Instagram team (very unlikely to separate) is a 1+billion audience out of the box you can play with differently and can instantly build affinity with. Having a professional content team, professional production house and network of UGC this matches Instagram’s marketplace model and offers a new way to create exclusive and bespoke content that 1b+ can use.

The Instagram Growth team will be rubbing their hands together, this a huge opportunity for them and the Growth team will have huge amounts of fun inside the Giphy machine.

We could see more integration and personalisation of videos (think IGTV, IG Live) with Gifs. Creators struggle with creating enough content to promote their content, there could be an automated play here.

Giphy launched a new video service recently and offers a different platform and distribution for Instagram, this could be powerful as video struggles to spread or live outside of Instagram unlike YouTube.

Giphy is the reactions provider across so many other platforms, powering gifs across all devices and platforms, think at the power at device level iPhone, Android, across the major social networks & importantly across the numerous messaging platforms (Facebook famously said iMessage was their biggest competitor) — this could be a powerplay.

Giphy app is popular and has stayed popular since its launch, now serving 300m DAU’s, its integration as a keyboard extension continues insight and data gathering for Facebook. Provides an ability to look at trend data, leveraging and mapping to live events and tv shows

This also provides a data-driven way to understand emotions from the users and the context of what they have put and where

Its a positive for Instagram — Giphy provides a different level of trust and relationship with studio heads, creators and creative industry

Insta-Giphy could turn gifs into actual ad formats…think about the opportunity with gif stickers.

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