Must listen podcasts of the week

Here are my top podcast picks of the week.


Exponent always makes my top recommendations but this is a great episode of breaking down the ten years of the iPhone and the impact the device really has had on our lives -

Link to show —

Another of my must listens Recode Decode Kara and Jason talk to rent the runway CEO on clothes in the cloud and how Jennifer Hyman sees the future of luxury fashion -

Link to show —

How I built this is great but particularly enjoyed how Zumba was created and the magic formula behind it (making people enjoy themselves and want to stay at the gym) -

Link to show —

Life / work balance

We have all hated a job or a manager at some point in our career but this podcast dives deep into how and why and what to do about it -

Link to show —

Tim Ferriss describes this as maybe the most important podcast listen of the year and I agree, grab a cup of tea or coffee (or wine) and listen to the powerful story -

Link to show —


If you ever wanted know more about buzzfeed and shifts of editorial (and it’s impact) on politics and how the media landscape is changing definitely listen to recode replay with Janine Gibson, the Editor in Chief, BuzzFeed UK.

Link to show —


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Danny Denhard

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