The Future Of The Office Is Hybrid

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The world of work has been broken for a number of years.

The office was the place you spent the majority of your time and in more recent times the place you spent time away from your desk in meetings, standups and forced away from deep work.

When I started Focus (at the beginning of the UK lockdown), I went on a journey speaking to business leaders and observing their practises and understanding why work feels broken.

For And Against WFH

Working from home was seen by many as an escape to actually get their head down and finish their work or get chance to concentrate on work. This was and is a sad place to be in.

The other side of the argument for working from home, there was no visibility of the work they were doing (or not doing), lack of trust and tech often didn’t stand up for remote meetings or conference calls.

The Old Ways Of Working Wasn’t Actually Working

In truth, the old ways of working wasn’t working for many. Commuting hours to and from the office for back to back meetings with no agendas and no decisions have been impacting teams and companies for years.

The mandatory working from home period was a wake up call to many, it wasn’t working, it wasn’t setting employees up for success.

What people need and demand is more focus not more noise from an office and software.

Working from an office, from home or remotely in a library, a co-working space or dedicated workspace should be no different and should be seamless.

The world of work wins when we focus on trust; it improve when we concentrate on how we communicate, how we formalise agreed principles and have guidelines across the business. It will be how we update each other regularly, be more deliberate and give better feedback.

C-Suite Adapting?

It hit many c-suites that their outdated thinking of remote work did not equal less work and productivity, for many it gave more freedom, better opportunity for deepwork and importantly more time for their loved ones while delivering on projects and helping their companies to scrap, survive and for some thrive.

Despite what some high profile CEO’s (examples Netflix, Trivago) are publicly stating working from home or working remotely is going to be a part of the future mix.

The Future

Something that has been apparent throughout the various lockdowns and quarantines is the future of work is hybrid.

Not stuck to the centralised office, no need to have to go into the office and making the workplace flexible is essential to both the companies success and their employees happiness and performance.

Companies can roll out flexible work spaces for a relatively low cost, satellite offices can be introduced in time, as can more localised co-working spaces. Employee engagement and happiness will increase the more flexible it becomes, the guidelines put in place will help you to survive or thrive.
The talent pool will increase as you build out more flexible locations and environments.

The history of the office shows how much the world of work is going to change

Tips To Win:

Quick tips to win the hybrid office

One major recommendation is to rethink your software and the habit to over communicate on instant messenger and work based chat tools and make the move to more asynchronous communications.

When rolled out properly, this will reduce chatter and ensure more people are across important updates and reduce the number of meetings that wrongly dictate your days.

I created a free The Hybrid Office — The Future Of The Workplace ebook to help businesses of all sizes to evolve and adapt to the upcoming shift.

The Free Focus Ebook:

I created a 17 pages, 3 chapters ebook to help you win the future of the workplace. Download the ebook for free here

Here is a teaser for the ebook -

Happily reach out if you would like to discuss The Hybrid Office.

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