The Future Of Work

The future of business is going to be culture first.

Danny Denhard
3 min readSep 9, 2021

Here are five pillars of why & how the future of work will be different from what people are expecting and predicting:

Some of the important elements of what makes businesses and people tick

1/ Hybrid 🏡 🏣 🤳

  • Work from anywhere will be the default, not just the office, co-working & hired spaces & home.
  • No more Blursdays — not all days will look and feel the same, back to backs will be removed
  • Optimised Schedules — we have 24 hour days, which means we can introduce better schedules, not just 9–5. 10–6, 8–4, (or even split shifts 9.00–11.00~13.00–16.00~20.00–22.00)
  • Psychological safety will be proactively designed & optimised as the canonical work trust factor
  • Employee Experience: Culture community managers will be added into the workforce, whose job will be to help to connect, communicate, clarify & build (herds) communities
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) will be considered on the same level as IQ when hiring
  • Comms will be intentional & will have to be more asynchronous. Less chatter and pings.
Why work is broken and why the future has to fix these
How to look at the why

2/ Interactive 🙋‍♀️

  • We will see a movement away from just screens and keyboards, we will gesture more, dictate into microphones more, we will have better software (not just force everything into the software we have or has been approved)
  • Mirrors for brainstorming and collaborating on & in, will look and act like Mirror from lululemon, it may even fold away
  • We will see leaderboards and Peloton like fitness features and instructors for the body and importantly the mind. Will be more than a Calm or Headspace Inc. account!

3/ Coaching:

AKA 👩‍💼 Professional development & ▶️ Personal development

  • You will be supplied and matched with
    (1) Specialist coaches & (2) Specialist mentors
  • It will have to be two ways, reverse mentorship will have to be introduced & will make business leads thrive.
Personal coaches should be supplied and we will see trainers and coaches become commonplace across all levels of business

4/ Health 📈

  • We will be supplied monthly vitals including performance scores, output scores, burnout levels, your own NPS score & connection scores.
  • Insights for personal help & development not just for data collection & collecting work-based data to be reviewed by HR
Monthly vitals will be essential to help you reduce burnout and be more productive and make your personal data actionable

5/ WorkGraph 🔗

  • We will build more deliberate connections with colleagues and the smart companies will help to set you up with the right network of colleagues.
  • You will leave ultimately lose connection with some office acquaintances (people in the office you don’t interact with much) and that’s ok.
It will be essential to know how tribes form, how the work graph forms and works and why herds will be manufactured and nurtured for business success

Long Term Futurist Predictions:

  • Company Coin — Every company will decide if they want a currency, a coin, that staff use and purchase equipment with.
  • Avatars — metaverse style avatars will be just the beginning to our work identities and being our best (& true) selves at work.

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