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The No BS Metaverse Guide

Life & The Metaverse

  • The metaverse is about identity and local device level contextual interface. It’s a fully digital verse. It’s not input with keyboard, mouse; it’s more gesture, speech and interactions.
  • The metaverse is about connection and presence. It’s brand a new connector between people and machines.
  • You won’t have time to live on both verses so most people will struggle to thrive in both so it’s important to know that marketing is going to be extremely challenging
  • It’s not AR vs VR, it’s mixed and layers of mixed reality. We are too early for it to be defined. Think of it as research.

Branded Metaverse

  • It’s not for a company to own. It’s an organic digital world everyone will have to do build to work.
  • The Workplace metaverse Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft are currently fighting out is headsets and ar filters. It’s not the metaverse. It’s a tiny layer of one.
  • Big brands will be talking about it for column inches but isn’t doing anything for the development of a digital world where people will choose to be their real self or a new digital version. Yes Nike will be selling trainers you’ll never wear. Nft’s is a teaser to review.
  • Brands see the metaverse as the next platform paradigm shift, so think about pc to laptop to mobile and now the metaverse.
  • When there’s no leader or ruler and it’s the world west we will get the worst world first and expect it to be a lot like the nft and crypto world to begin with and then it will mature.
  • The Metaverse is for the ultimate long term
  • If it ever works out – and it will take years, it never ended well in snow crash and other thought leaders eyes and minds so be wary from the outset
  • Kids don’t need to be bothered by any of it as it’s all corporate narrative building at the moment. So career wise it’s important to understand it but not to put all your chips in and pressure your kids. They’ll be ahead of you because of fortnite and Roblox.

FWIW there’s a lot of fuzzy content out there and misleading to what it is and is not – therefore you’ll be best to seek out people like Matthew Ball, Roblox product leaders, Epic games, fortnite developers etc who’s life has been immersed for a few years to truly appreciate the scale and complexities.

If you’re a business leader, an operations leader or a marketing and growth leader it’s learn phase.



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